Saturday, August 6, 2016

Angel Rodriguez Brings Digital Sensibility to LA Times Sports Page

Pictograms of Olympic sports - Boxing. This is...
Pictograms of Olympic sports - Boxing. This is unofficial sample picture. Images of official Olympic pictograms for 1948 Summer Olympics and all Summer Olympics since 1964 can be found in corresponding Official Reports. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Don't be a dinosaur, he says.

The Times also figured it was going to be a big night, so in the week leading up to the match, it drummed up buzz with blog posts and social media promotion. It also sent two reporters, a columnist and two photographers, to Vegas to cover the fight.
Around noon that day, staffers began live-blogging from Las Vegas, covering what was happening leading up to the fight. They offered round-by-round updates, knowing that not everyone would pay $99 to watch the match.

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