Saturday, August 6, 2016

If the Best Jobs Now Require You to Be a People Person...

.jobs -- Cut To The Chase
.jobs -- Cut To The Chase (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
... and to work well on teams, then I think a beat reporting course with its emphasis on identifying issues of broad significance, identifying and cultivating sources who understand those issues, questioning those sources empathetically and persistently and synthesizing the information gained into clear language accessible to a broad population is money in the bank.

Here's the piece from the 538 website that encourages me to think this. Here's a sample:

Social skills have become more important for workers because they provide a crucial advantage over a frequent competitor: technology. A 2013 paper by two Oxford researchers projected that nearly half of U.S. jobs would be vulnerable to automation within 20 years. But “computers aren’t good at simulating human interaction,” Deming said. That means a job as a manager or consultant is harder to automate, and the skills those jobs require become more valuable.

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