Monday, November 28, 2016

The Hope of Journalism in a Democracy

from Nate Silver on Jill Stein "recounts," which he says are really audits

Ultimately, though, I’m in the information business. An audit very probably won’t detect a conspiracy, but it will reveal information about our voting systems. FiveThirtyEight and most other American news organizations are founded on the premise that more information is better, even if it risks being misinterpreted. I’ve never questioned that premise more than I have over the course of this election. But over the next four years, we’re all going to have get used to an environment in which nuggets of insight come buried in mounds of misinformation. An audit is as good a place as any to start.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

The 'Objectivity' Dynamic

Once you acknowledge your bias, you have a chance to resist it, though that, too, has perils.

"Based on what I’ve observed during the final months of this campaign, I believe Clinton is the favorite to win the general election. And so there is always a chance that I will (perhaps unconsciously) seek out patterns that confirm that prediction, or I will fail to spot evidence suggesting the opposite outcome. Conversely, now that I’ve acknowledged this bias, it’s possible I’ll overcompensate and swing too far the other way."

From Slate

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Rest of the Semester

Week Twelve: November 9
Resume preparation. Job-hunting skills and what an employer looks for. Ideas about hunting for jobs.

Big Story outline/progress report (13) is due Friday, November 11.    
Week Thirteen: November 16
Videolicious. Working on final projects.

Writing sample from Big Story (14) is due Wednesday, November 16.    

Week Fourteen: November 23 (Thanksgiving Week)
Working on final projects. If you want me to read a draft, this is the time.

Week Fifteen: November 30

Big story (15) is due Wednesday, December 2.

Week Sixteen: December 7

Final story from your beat (16) is due Friday, December 9.

FINAL EXAMINATION: Beat summary (17) will be due Wednesday, December 21. This will be your final.