Thursday, August 22, 2013

I Am Looking for an Easy Way to do Short News Videos on a Smart Phone

And I read that Videolicious is a candidate. I've played with it a little with pretty bad results. I will continue to play with it to get some sense what the learning curve is.

Damn, does this guy talk fast. Cut back on the coffee, dude.
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Don Adams, as Maxwell Smart, holding the famou...
Don Adams, as Maxwell Smart, holding the famous shoe phone. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Street Corner Interview Illustrates Some Basic Principles

First, certain obvious questions must be asked. Second, the GOSS formula does work. Also, simple videos like this have value, though you need to get the sound right and the background right. At some point during the semester, I will ask Toan Lam, one of our  most able and impressive grads, to take a short break from advising usfTv and give us some advice on achieving adequacy in doing this sort of thing.

If some of you already know how to make a short, sweet interview video, please step forward.