Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Gabriella's Citizens Panel

Allie Shipley
Age: 21
Major: Sociology
Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Nick Morrell
Age: 21
Major: Psychology
Hometown: San Diego, California

Maya Alvarez
Age: 19
Major: Media Studies

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Cyrus Gill
Age: 22
Major: Hospitality Management
Hometown: Santa Ynez, California

Monday, October 26, 2015

Clarissa's Citizens Panel

Rebekah Boon
Grade: Senior at USF
Major: Media Studies
Hometown: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Rebekah is a student and frequent user of the Koret facilities. When Rebekah is not in school, she is studying, going to the gym or hanging out with friends. Rebekah and I have two classes together.

Tiana Murgo
Grade: Sophomore at USF
Major: Communications
Job: Works at Equipment Desk at Koret
Tiana has been working at the Equipment desk at Koret since last semester. She is very talkative among the staff and is friendly with the patrons who use the equipment. 

Mallika Sharma
Grade: Senior at USF
Major: Biology
Job: EMT 
Mallika uses the gym often. She is my roommate and an easy source for when I need an opinion fast. She recently hurt her ankle and is getting back into the groove of Koret.

  • Nick Hogan
    Grade: Senior at USF
    Major: Business
    Job: Irrelevant
    Nick uses the gym often, mostly the weight room. He has been going to the Koret gym since freshman year and he knows a lot of the students who play basketball in the gym on the league team.

    ** NOT PICTURED **

    Melissa Valdez: She is a trainer at USF Koret gym and has been working there for 4.5 years and training for 3 years. I often see her doing insane exercises with her clients. She is currently studying to get her master's in Sports Management and she completed her undergraduate degree at USF in Kinesiology

    Rob: The manager at Koret. Still need to talk to him, but I have his e-mail address and he is open to answering questions.

Emily Boleware's Citizens' Panel

Jonathan Rose 
Age: 23
Major: Media Studies at USF
Minor: Film, Literature
Job: Screenwriter, writer, filmmaker
Hometown: Singapore, Singapore
Rose is a writer and filmmaker with a special interest in media production, semiotics, film theory and media theory. He is thoughtful, analytical, and always has an informed, energetic opinion on current political issues.

Chase LaMarche 
Age: 21
Major: International Studies at USF
Minor: French
Hometown: Santa Ynez, California
LaMarche's major focuses on international political relations, and he is an active member in university life. His French minor requires knowledge of current international cultural, economic, and social knowledge. His thoughts on historical and current politics are expansive and intelligent. LaMarche also has family ties in local nonprofits.

Inna Arzumanova 
Job: Assistant Professor of Media Studies at USF
Hometown: San Francisco (since age 5)
Arzumanova's background in media theory will make her an extremely useful source to consult on journalism outlets and their effect on audiences. (Ex: how Air BnB is financing the ad campaign of No on F to make it appear to be a grassroots campaign)

Paige Kutilek 
Age: 21
Major: Communications
Job: Market intern at YouCaring
Hometown: San Diego
Kutilek is a very intelligent student with thoughtful responses on local government and international communications, especially in relation to lit. and media. 

David Garcia's Citizens Panel

Prof. Keally D McBride

McBride is a Professor of Politics at USF who specializes in political theory. Essentially, she can provide basic context for decisions made by City Hall politicians, regarding policy and legislation. She is easily reachable and a well-established political theorist.

Joe Eskenazi

Eskenazi is an editor at San Francisco magazine, and writes primarily about San Francisco history and politics. He has a deep working knowledge of the city’s political players and landscape. He is very difficult to get a hold of (especially on the phone), but his ideas for stories and sources are great.

Morgan Fitzgibbons

Fitzgibbons is an adjunct professor (I had him in a class two years ago), but his perspective as a community organizer is what I see as being more useful in a story. He has worked with [freespace], an organization that creates a temporary community center in various spots all over the city, and The Wigg Party, a group that promotes bike transportation all over the city. He is a bit radical in his personal and professional interests, but he is one of the most community minded and well-connected people I’ve ever met. Deep knowledge of community organizations and political movements.

Prof. John Brooks

Brooks teaches primarily in USF’s Master’s in Public Affairs, which has classes taught by various Politics professors. His specialty is Campaign Organization and Theory, and was recommended to me by Prof. McBride. He seems like an ideal source for campaign context.

Catrina Hayes

I first spoke to Hayes to get her perspective for the press meeting with Victor Lim. She is a Program Assistant for the Economics Dept., and has an interesting personal and professional connection to the city and the school: she lives in the Sunset, commutes to school, and oversees a small program that includes undergraduate and graduate programs. She is also very enthusiastic and likely to help me out with things.

Brian's citizen panel

Citizens Panel

1.     Loizos Loizou
Age: 22
Major: Media Studies
Hometown: Long Island, NY

2.     Brandon Padron
Age: 21
Major: Economics
Hometown: Newport Beach, CA

3.     Breanna Tran
Age: 20
Major: Economics
Hometown: San Jose, CA

4.     Matthew Yim
Major: English
Age: 21
Hometown: Seoul, Korea



Katie's Senate Citizen Panel

Hi everyone --

The link to the citizen panel that I've posted on my blog/journalistic portfolio is copied below.



Monday, October 12, 2015

Revised Due Dates for J2 Stories

Off Beat Detective Stories vol. 4, #6 (Jan. 19...
Off Beat Detective Stories vol. 4, #6 (Jan. 1961). Cover art by Pfeufer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
* Politics/News Conference story due Wednesday, 10/21

* Citizens Panel bios and photos to be posted on blog by Monday, 10/26

* First story from your own beat due Friday, 10/30

* Second story from your own beat due Friday, 11/6 at which point we're back on schedule

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Memo Due Wednesday, October 14, in Preparation for October 16 In-Class News Conference

English: San Francisco Supervisorial District ...
English: San Francisco Supervisorial District 1 中文: 三藩市市參事第一區 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Eric Mar,San Francisco Politican in f...
English: Eric Mar,San Francisco Politican in front of Campaign HQ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Your memo will include:

1) Brief interviews with three members of the USF community concerning which is the most important issue San Francisco supervisor Eric Mar should be working on and why he should be working on it. Give age, major or job, hometown for each source. (Also keep count of the number of "I don't knows" or "Who cares?" it takes you to get three thoughtful opinions.)

2) A brief discussion based on your research - interviews and/or library and/or online - concerning an political issue you care about that you think the supervisor should be working on. Source as needed.

3) Three questions you will be ready to ask Victor Lim, a legislative aide in Supervisor Mar's office, when he holds an in-class news conference next Friday.

Note: It's a *news conference*. If you quit asking questions, it's over.

A Election Guide for San Francisco's Fall Elections

2004 US elections map
2004 US elections map (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
From the Public Press

Monday, October 5, 2015

You Supply the Inference

Two Ritz Crackers
Two Ritz Crackers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
When he was three years old, Father Fitzgerald asked for a “priest suit” for Christmas.

When he was seven, he liked to “play priest” with his sisters, using Gatorade as wine and Ritz crackers as host.

When he was 13, he started collecting autographs of his favorite priests.

During his high school years, he collected pennants from the top Catholic seminaries and used them to decorate his bedroom wall.

When it came time to apply to college, he narrowed his selections to universities that had the highest acceptance rate at those top seminaries.

Editor's note: All this is made up.