Monday, October 26, 2015

David Garcia's Citizens Panel

Prof. Keally D McBride

McBride is a Professor of Politics at USF who specializes in political theory. Essentially, she can provide basic context for decisions made by City Hall politicians, regarding policy and legislation. She is easily reachable and a well-established political theorist.

Joe Eskenazi

Eskenazi is an editor at San Francisco magazine, and writes primarily about San Francisco history and politics. He has a deep working knowledge of the city’s political players and landscape. He is very difficult to get a hold of (especially on the phone), but his ideas for stories and sources are great.

Morgan Fitzgibbons

Fitzgibbons is an adjunct professor (I had him in a class two years ago), but his perspective as a community organizer is what I see as being more useful in a story. He has worked with [freespace], an organization that creates a temporary community center in various spots all over the city, and The Wigg Party, a group that promotes bike transportation all over the city. He is a bit radical in his personal and professional interests, but he is one of the most community minded and well-connected people I’ve ever met. Deep knowledge of community organizations and political movements.

Prof. John Brooks

Brooks teaches primarily in USF’s Master’s in Public Affairs, which has classes taught by various Politics professors. His specialty is Campaign Organization and Theory, and was recommended to me by Prof. McBride. He seems like an ideal source for campaign context.

Catrina Hayes

I first spoke to Hayes to get her perspective for the press meeting with Victor Lim. She is a Program Assistant for the Economics Dept., and has an interesting personal and professional connection to the city and the school: she lives in the Sunset, commutes to school, and oversees a small program that includes undergraduate and graduate programs. She is also very enthusiastic and likely to help me out with things.

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