Monday, October 26, 2015

Clarissa's Citizens Panel

Rebekah Boon
Grade: Senior at USF
Major: Media Studies
Hometown: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Rebekah is a student and frequent user of the Koret facilities. When Rebekah is not in school, she is studying, going to the gym or hanging out with friends. Rebekah and I have two classes together.

Tiana Murgo
Grade: Sophomore at USF
Major: Communications
Job: Works at Equipment Desk at Koret
Tiana has been working at the Equipment desk at Koret since last semester. She is very talkative among the staff and is friendly with the patrons who use the equipment. 

Mallika Sharma
Grade: Senior at USF
Major: Biology
Job: EMT 
Mallika uses the gym often. She is my roommate and an easy source for when I need an opinion fast. She recently hurt her ankle and is getting back into the groove of Koret.

  • Nick Hogan
    Grade: Senior at USF
    Major: Business
    Job: Irrelevant
    Nick uses the gym often, mostly the weight room. He has been going to the Koret gym since freshman year and he knows a lot of the students who play basketball in the gym on the league team.

    ** NOT PICTURED **

    Melissa Valdez: She is a trainer at USF Koret gym and has been working there for 4.5 years and training for 3 years. I often see her doing insane exercises with her clients. She is currently studying to get her master's in Sports Management and she completed her undergraduate degree at USF in Kinesiology

    Rob: The manager at Koret. Still need to talk to him, but I have his e-mail address and he is open to answering questions.

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