Monday, October 26, 2015

Emily Boleware's Citizens' Panel

Jonathan Rose 
Age: 23
Major: Media Studies at USF
Minor: Film, Literature
Job: Screenwriter, writer, filmmaker
Hometown: Singapore, Singapore
Rose is a writer and filmmaker with a special interest in media production, semiotics, film theory and media theory. He is thoughtful, analytical, and always has an informed, energetic opinion on current political issues.

Chase LaMarche 
Age: 21
Major: International Studies at USF
Minor: French
Hometown: Santa Ynez, California
LaMarche's major focuses on international political relations, and he is an active member in university life. His French minor requires knowledge of current international cultural, economic, and social knowledge. His thoughts on historical and current politics are expansive and intelligent. LaMarche also has family ties in local nonprofits.

Inna Arzumanova 
Job: Assistant Professor of Media Studies at USF
Hometown: San Francisco (since age 5)
Arzumanova's background in media theory will make her an extremely useful source to consult on journalism outlets and their effect on audiences. (Ex: how Air BnB is financing the ad campaign of No on F to make it appear to be a grassroots campaign)

Paige Kutilek 
Age: 21
Major: Communications
Job: Market intern at YouCaring
Hometown: San Diego
Kutilek is a very intelligent student with thoughtful responses on local government and international communications, especially in relation to lit. and media. 

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