Thursday, September 17, 2015

Your First Beat Report is Due Friday, September 25

Weekly Beat Report J2
First Beat Report Due Friday, September 25

List sources identified as useful for your beat. List surces contacted this week. Date of contact. Length of contact. Mode of contact (face-to-face, phone, email). Brief summary of what was discussed, including: general beat background; stories in progress; new story ideas; referrals to other sources of information.

List secondary sources consulted this week, i.e., W, Sports Illustrated, Politico. Cite particular stories read and what insights they provided for current or future stories.

List of stories in progress: stories currently being worked on and story ideas under development. Mark each story one-star, two-star or three-star based on their value to your audience. Since your final beat report will be a resource for those who follow you on this beat, also mention any stories that you do not have time or resources to pursue but – somewhere down the line – might be undertaken. In each case, include the rationale – remember our news values – for pursuing each story.

Story presentation: For stories currently being worked on, discuss multimedia possibilities. That is, what could add value to the basic print story: photos, slideshow, podcast, video? You have been assigned to multimedia workgroups and should now begin discussion of what your group project should be. (Given the variety of beats you are pursuing, your group project will not in some instances concern your specific beat.) What resources do you need in terms of training or equipment to create an extra multimedia dimension for individual stories or for group project?

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