Monday, September 14, 2015

Checklist for Fashion Story, Which is Not Due Until Monday, September 21

English: Interview with Donna Karan, fashion d...
English: Interview with Donna Karan, fashion designer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Your fashion story:

 • Interview at least 10 students and quote at least five.

• Cite a publication – which can be a newspaper, a magazine, an authoritative blog or a scholarly article.

 • Interview at least two experts, broadly defined. An expert can be a fashion designer, an academic, a fashion writer or a store owner, manager or employee. If you're having trouble, go over to Haight street and ‘cold call’ two or three stores.

* The more quickly you narrow the focus of your story, the quicker it will come together.

You might have brief interviews with several people and develop the most interesting angle you get among several suggested. Or you might begin with a single well-informed source who will suggest a variety of ideas and you will pick among those.

Or you might begin with a narrow focus -  young people who like to take selfies wearing only a plastic bag - and discover it has not yet reached USF. 

I Google "Why Fashion Matters" and collected some possible questions to ask sources.

* Do you think you have taste or style. What and why?

* Do you notice other men/women on the  street? What and why?

* Do you have a dress code? What and why?

* Can you tell me about something in your closet you never wear?

* Are there any ‘rules’ for dressing you’d like to share?

* What ‘s your process for getting dressed in the morning?

* What are you trying to achieve when you dress?

* What’s the situation with your hair?

* Tell me a story, connected to a piece of clothing that you still have in your possession in which something monumental, spectacular, odd or even just unusual happened while you were wearing it. Why is it special? Why does it have meaning? And why are you holding on to it?

 * Do you complement strangers on their clothes? Describe such an encounter.

* Can a feminist be a fashion enthusiast?

* Respond to this statement: The sense of being perfectly well-dressed gives a feeling of inward tranquillity which religion is powerless to bestow.

* If you don’t have any body piercings, what would your first piercing be? If you are already pierced, what would your next piercing be? What part of your body would you never pierce? Why? Same question for tattoos.

* When you die, what do you want to be buried/cremated in? Why?

* Who is the last person you looked at with envy?

* Who looks at you?

* How do you tell your story through your clothes?

* Do you know the history of what you are wearing?

* Do your clothes tell lies?

* When it comes to clothes, is it better to stand out or fit in?

* What does ‘dressing the part’ mean?

* Do you dress for empowerment? For self esteem?

* What is your uniform?

* What fashions make you laugh? Have you ever worn anything people laughed at?

* Are your clothes ethical?

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