Saturday, November 29, 2014

Final checklist for J2 F14

1.   In case I have missed any of your tweets during the semester, print out a tweet list  using our course-related hashtag. Here’s a snapbird link I created as an example.

2.   Link on your blogs to all individual multimedia work.

3.   You are also responsible for a group multimedia project, originally due on exam day, which was also the due date for your final beat reports. It turns out our scheduled exam time is Friday, December 5. I am moving the due date for the group multimedia project and the final beat report to Friday, December 12. Also, here's a new option for the group multimedia project. Consider organizing it around an "end of semester" theme.

4.   Some of you have asked me about extra credit. You may choose to do a final “enterprise” story from your beat. It is due no later than Friday, December 19.

Your groups:

* Shelby, Ingrid and Hayden
* Siana, Ashley and Mia
* Stephanie, Andrew and Victor

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