Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Rest of the Semester

Week Twelve: November 9
Resume preparation. Job-hunting skills and what an employer looks for. Ideas about hunting for jobs.

Big Story outline/progress report (13) is due Friday, November 11.    
Week Thirteen: November 16
Videolicious. Working on final projects.

Writing sample from Big Story (14) is due Wednesday, November 16.    

Week Fourteen: November 23 (Thanksgiving Week)
Working on final projects. If you want me to read a draft, this is the time.

Week Fifteen: November 30

Big story (15) is due Wednesday, December 2.

Week Sixteen: December 7

Final story from your beat (16) is due Friday, December 9.

FINAL EXAMINATION: Beat summary (17) will be due Wednesday, December 21. This will be your final.

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