Saturday, October 11, 2014

Confirming What We Discussed about the Art of the Leak

English: Mario Cuomo's signature.
English: Mario Cuomo's signature. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
You recall we talked about how information may be leaked to reporters to manipulate public opinion. Today Vox has a story about how Bill Clinton attempted to clear the way for what he thought would be a controversial appointment to the Supreme Court. His aim was to make his first choice - Mario Cuomo - more palatable to those who thought him too liberal. It was a multiple-step plan. Here's step two. It didn't work.

  • Make a diverse short list, containing some very liberal candidates, so it will be leaked: The list for these senators "should contain some names that will be even less desirable to conservatives than" Clinton's pick (Cuomo), the memo says. "It should also reflect geographic, gender, racial, and professional diversity. We should assume that the list, in its entirety, will be leaked to the press."

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